The Kilted Timing Race Experience

Why choose Kilted Timing?
Because we are passionate about providing the best EXPERIENCE
available to our race participants and our Race Directors

How does Kilted Timing make my EXPERIENCE better than the others?
We help from the beginning by setting up your registrationwith the ITS YOUR RACE registration platform.
Through the IYR platform we can provide a customizable web page,
registration and fundraising in a single platform, overall and specific age group results,
finish line photos and more.

BUT the best thing is that we can keep your Registration open until the start of the race.
No need to CLOSE registration and lose participants…
our registration works seamlessly with our timing system.

Participants have an easy registration process, a unique email confirmation,
and the ability to access additional information about the event
through our ITS YOUR RACE APP for iPhone or Android.

Our finish line is interactive showing your name and time on our finish clock,
announcement of your name at the finish line, text message finish results,
scrolling results of participants on a large screen tv
as well as LIVE results on the IYR site.

Would Kilted Timing help you maximize the race experience for your event?
Connect with us by contacting us here for additional information.